Johanna Pig knows she has a special gift to give the world. Her lovely singing voice seems to be just the thing, but after helping some unwanted and disabled animals with creative projects, she discovers an ability to uncover their personal beauty. 
     Johanna must now decide which gift is the gift.
     Join Johanna Pig and the Diamond Kids on the journey to find the special gift within.

" A truly delightful and refreshing work...shows that through love and creativity, you can bring the world together."
Tom and Carol Baron

"A heartwarming story filled with love and inspiration...Johanna Pig and the Diamond Kids rises to the pinnacle of achievement."
Vincent and LaTrelle Palhoff

Johanna Pig and the Diamond Kids

   Kimmie Goose     Danielle Duck    Johnnie Frog        Katie Cow        Missie Angel   Ronnie Monkey  Jackie Rabbit   Markie Dog 
Johanna Pig